Pain  I write above

Tears shed in the dark of night

Hear LOVE, my whisper




Chasing My Sun


Walking through that dark hidden valley, no one knows,
there’s a raging battle between heart and mind, it goes.
A nightmare I cannot escape with, my world is bleeding,
stuck inside this heart and it pierced through my being.
Letting it all go, taking a different route, it’s difficult to take.
my hands lifting to you  dear God, heal this heartache



Broken melody…



An old broken piano lying wasted,
neglected for years, set aside.
Sound and melody were deflected,
all its deep emotions had died.

Looking at my reflection in a puddle,
heart unheeded, torn to pieces.
That’s when you left, world shattered,
sun vanished, everything freezes.

Love stay, I won’t hide and run away,
I’ll let you go instead even it’s tough.
life goes on, I’ll move one step each day,
the memories left are all but enough.



Silence In The Rain


I never heard this silence quite this loud,
even I’m in middle of a noisy crowd.
I can see hearts have been deeply broken,
tears keep falling, words left unspoken.
They cannot get rid of all the anger inside
bitterness eaten their soul, peace died.
Don’t know what’s their life story all about,
I know there’s God who heals, no doubt.



I myself has a story to tell, pain to share…and faith to say I  do believe….







Inside my room,  there’s an old  empty chair
painted with scars of  painful memory.
Covered in dust of bitterness and despair.
and shadow of tears behind  its misery.
A lonely place,  I don’t want to see and stay.


Memories which scar our lives are commonplace, memories that burn to haunt and rob….



There will be days


There will be days, all of a sudden, darkness will surround,
in midst of confusions, in silence we’ll be drowned.
Lights partially gone, we’ll be covered by fears and doubts,
mind is plagued by  questions, trying to figure it out.
All the while, scar of anguish you have thought once drifted
haunt again, continues to prey, senses will be twisted.
We’ll be caught, forever be trapped, in a mud of emptiness,
till we choose to stay, be contented in arms of loneliness.
All the while, a shadow of  deep despair we have once fought
Will smash us into finer bits, pieces we’ll  never thought.
Hold on, don’t lose your grip, things will change, season flip.



Dark Valley


Passing through a very deep dark valley,
walking barefoot along lonely alley.
No lights, everything drenched in rain,
grieving heart screams in real pain.
Lost, seems there’s no God to look upon,
no arms to hold, lie awake till dawn.
Can’t quite  figure out why it’s happening
minds keep wandering, doubts aching.
No exact words to describe what’s inside
eyes will tell, they all need God’s light.


My heart still aches for what happened…..



Little Boy’s Eyes

I’ve never been this affected by the innocence of a 2 year old  boy’s eyes named Carl, staring so helplessly,  facing  serious illness. I met him in the hospital. My prayer for the whole family and healing for this little boy.



Words in your heart you can’t utter,
the pain deep inside you can’t show.
The tiny weak hands and feeble knees,
sad eyes begging for a chance to live.
How could fate so cruel and unkind,
I pray for God’s healing, you will find



A glimpse


Walking down, a tear shed,
drifted across the crowd
she gazed blankly ahead.
An image, a glimpse of that face
from a memory that burns,
with her heart that beat the same.
An endless cord
tightly knitted to her soul
as chain toughly locked,
she could hardly let go.
Even strong words was given,
and its vivid and clear
the hardest battle fought,
it was unquestionable real.
Kept it inside, shut it off,
she knew she’ll get by
A kind of love that will never die.

.(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Four walled room


I hate the thought of going back
To that lonely deserted place,
In that four walled room, will stay.
Same like being stuck in midst of a maze
Miseries besiege , you’ll be dragged
By the unfathomable depths of your fears
Staying in that place, you’ll be drowning
You can never escape from bitterness and tears.
Fate is never fair, we will be caught
In a current much stronger than we thought
Why that be?
We can’t control what goes on around what we want to see.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



I was in a  lobby , waiting for something,  I heard this little girl telling his mom; “But you’ve promised” then burst into tears.  Promises…Promises… Did anyone  ever tell you something, make a  promise but eventually broke it? …..  We  do break promises  most of the time, maybe because …well, we’re just human, I supposed…….. and “circumstances” change.


Out of the rolling  ocean , words just drifted , I  can see

Out in the storm , words just blown,  I  can feel

You whisper tale, I believed as you stated it  thrice

I was driven by this thought, but everything fell into lies

How could you? ..How could that be?

Forgetting it and  leaving me here.. in misery…..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Loving someone who doesn’t love you anymore ,  is one of the most hopeless feelings,  there’s nothing you could have done differently, and the only thing left to do is move on.

edit lonely


You told me things I wasn’t sure of
You had given me words I couldn’t comprehend
You shown me places it didn’t exist
I can’t read what’s on your mind
Can’t even feel what’s inside your heart
To hear what it’s saying, to see what’s behind
Times are unreal, just an illusion to hold
Soon I will go and forever leave this dream.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Screaming pain

Looking at my little boy now  lying in hospital bed with a  feeding tube through the  nose, all night screaming because he hates it.  Sometimes when we’re in deep emotional pain no exact words would describe, no definite words  , we all just scream. The tears will tell


Your stare tells me so
Tears that really show
Your screaming pain that says “Spare me”
Words that won’t come out for me to see
How deep your pain, all you want is to be free.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Just a Star

edit girl

I touched the wind but  felt nothing

I looked over the horizon but couldn’t see anything

I tried to reach that star but too distant

Even wanted  to hold  but  too faraway

Why can’t I even take a glance and walk to that way

Whisper the words so  loudly, to say….

But I know you wouldn’t still look my way

What more to say…..