“The Gifts And Blessings”- The Beauty Around Us


I’ve washed that dish a million times! My kitchen sink seems like a hole that I keep falling and can’t escape from. I wonder how many spoons and forks I’ve washed in the last ten years? And the laundry basket. It’s perpetually full! I’ll bet I could go to the dryer anytime, day or night, and find at least ten ragged towels, six wrinkled shiets, and twenty three socks, five of each have no mate. Who cares?    – taken from Janice Kempe inspirational article.


Some people are naturally positive and optimistic, whereas others tend to see the world in a more negative light and always think the glass is half-empty. It’s a reality we complain most of the time, everyday we grumble even without realizing it, the little things that normally happen to us like being stuck in a traffic jam or being turned down for a job, housechores needed to be done or in the middle of a busy hour in the office, battling the deadlines and yet so many phone calls distracting us. When my son died, it’ s not all about the grieving and the sadness, it taught  me to value more each little things, the every moment with friends and family while I’m still here. So much beauty in the world waiting to be appreciated and noticed, just being alive alone is something to be grateful with, we still have the chance to fulfill our dreams, enjoy each God’s blessings and  gifts with our friends and family, the things around us; new clothes, new gadgets, or by helping needy people through charity events. It’s up to us now 🙂



I Love You Not Because…


Kind of love, a safe haven,
it shelters me from rain.
In sadness, it gently speak,
a voice that erases fears.
Heart bond with a promise,
safe in loving embrace.


As I get older, I see how much I’ve learned along the way, good things we can do to people, to ourselves, to our love ones even to not so good ones. Only one thing that has given me such an impact, the “unconditional love” -to give without hesitations, to share without doubts and  I’ve seen this in a heart of a  child…..in my son Raik…

Thank you so much my angel Raik in Heaven !  as long as I live mom will always remember and put it in heart ❤️


Be Gentle


IMAGE SOURCE: http://sheseeksserendipity.tumblr.com/


Getting in touch with whatever pain we have – accepting it, feeling it, and sitting with it for a time is what will lead us to heal. We must keep going and never miss any beautiful things and wondeful people that truly cares for us. Patience is the key, there will be rocks along the way, just keep walking.  Assuring ourselves that we will be okay in God’s time. Every after storm there’s always a sun that will rise.



Never Judge



Most often we based things on our first impression, we tend to judge or criticize them right away. Yesterday I went to a salon to have a haircut, the last one I had last summer I could say, a disaster, my hair was badly layered. I’ve waited a few months to grow and  have it fix again. This time it’s a male hairstylist who did, I  never been tried in a male hairstylist before. I got scared and doubted, though I gave my instructions, he was able to do it the way I wanted and I learned from other salon staff, he was one of the best, well I should  say ” never judge a book by it’s cover”, just a thought! 🙂

~ Nodz


A Star….

“A star falls from the sky and into your hands. Then it seeps through your veins and swims inside your blood and becomes every part of you. And then you have to put it back into the sky. And it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever have to do and that you’ve ever done. But what’s yours is yours. Whether it’s up in the sky or here in your hands. And one day, it’ll fall from the sky and hit you in the head real hard and that time, you won’t have to put it back in the sky again.”
– C. JoyBell C.
Everything happens  for a reason….

Our Guardian Angels

“Have you ever considered that, just perhaps, the reason you have gotten as far as you have is because of the invisible work of anonymous angels?     -Gary Kinnaman


Some may fail to notice signs that Angels from Heaven really do exist.  I believe and I know they’re everywhere watching over us to guide, to comfort and to heal. My mom said, my own guardian angel had helped me a lot of times before, she shared one story, when I was around 11 months old,  I was playing one afternoon in our living room. My nanny then was carrying a pile of dirty laundry heading towards the stairs to the basement and my mom not too far away from me didn’t notice I followed Tita Lucy (my nanny). All of a sudden my mom heard a loud bang, I fell down the stairs and it was too late for mom to grab me but to her surprised,  I safely landed in an ironing board. I was fine, wasn’t even crying, no fracture, not even a bruise or anything. It was really my angel who saved me and I know she/he still with me now.



Friends Forever!

“Oh, the comfort — the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person — having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.”  

― Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, A Life for a Life



Time has a way of defining real friends, even over the longest distance. Whatever challenges and storms both may face individually in life and they can still count on each other, comforts and listens without judging, it’s a friendship for keeps. I’m thanking God  so much for giving me a true bestie,  we both have families now yet nothing changes. She’s my best friend for so many years now *20 yrs! I’m praying for this friendship to last till we grow old.



There’s No Place Like Home…

”There Is No Place Like Home” to remind you that no matter how far you go in life, you’ll always be welcomed, soothed, and comfortable in that little corner of the world you call home.  ~Dorthy in the wizard of oz

 Straight from my heart and thoughts, few of my favorite places back home I used to stay whenever I need silence simply to relax or meditate…….

Missing these places!


– The Holy Spirit Adoration Convent –


The Shrine Hills


It’s Rich Floras and Faunas


A View of the blue water


The place itself is surrounded by lush greenery of tall trees and manicured grass and a favorite playground for kids or to sit around..


The Pearl Farm Beach Resort


The Paradise Island Beach Resort


~Nodz *Thinking of home today!

peace, silence and serenity you would feel when you are there – See more at: http://www.chartherct.com/2007/12/29/holy-spirit-adoration-convent-aka-pink-sisters/#sthash.2fgwi7Cj.dpuf
the peace, silence and serenity you would feel when you are there – See more at: http://www.chartherct.com/2007/12/29/holy-spirit-adoration-convent-aka-pink-sisters/#sthash.2fgwi7Cj.dpuf
the peace, silence and serenity you would feel when you are there – See more at: http://www.chartherct.com/2007/12/29/holy-spirit-adoration-convent-aka-pink-sisters/#sthash.2fgwi7Cj.dpuf

We All Gonna Find…Soon..

Setting our goals to achieve our dreams and desires is like lifting our one foot forward to reach our destination. We must unbarred ourselves for an access through a desolate space and just keep going… 

Good things come to those who wait!


<Photo by Wisdom Quotes in Facebook>

Give me Your Eyes, so I’ll be able to see
Give me Your Hands  so I’ll be able to reach
Give me Your Heart, so I’ll be able to feel
Give me Your Light and be the guide.




Submariners tells us  that no storms ever reach very deep into the ocean. The water  is perfectly calm  hundred feet down, no matter how high the breakers may rise on the surface. There is quiet in the depths  that no surface storms  can disturb. This is possible, too, in human lives; there can be serenity and peace within, undisturbed by the storms of the world. 


 Jesus our peace…



Stop and Look…

We were in a hurry one time so we took a train ride to get to our destination on time  and at the same time we wanted then, a little adventure with our little boy, how he loves train. The excitement on his deep eyes, I can say  truly “Priceless”. While moving,  he kept on pointing things out of the window. Same thing with our lives, sometimes we have to hit life’s pause button, give ourselves a chance to appreciate God’s gift around and feel this blessings. We only live once, we might miss some beautiful things.




Color Your Attitude!

Our world is full of miseries, woes  and troubles, it’s  reality.  I’ve learned from experience if we will handle any of  this with an open heart and a  good attitude along with a faithful prayer,  we will experience a positive shift in our attitude, it will be a lot easier to keep things together with a smile, we can say to life “Try Me” instead of “Why Me”.






Total Healing

We all have certain life dramas hidden inside, most of it are just too bitter, sad,  painful to remember and think, how much more to say and share. Only God can give total healing I believe, not any person or circumstance. Sometimes, it will take time but we will all get there definitely…..


<photo from Facebook – Lessons learned in Life>



Keep Going!


“We just have to believe!”


After months of  anticipating,  my little boy’s long- awaited needed surgery recently  done and it  went very  well, he  is incomparable in his bravery and patience.  I f we allow God to make things happen in His own time,  everything will fall into place.  To God be the glory! 



A Closed Door

I can’t believe got my prayer granted!  God’s way is really mysterious. Just weeks ago, I was so devastated. How much  I’ve waited  for  this very  important thing  but it didn’t go as planned. With a  heavy heart , I still looked at  the bright side…maybe He did it to prepare circumstances.  He prepared those,  that it would be to my best advantage when His time comes. He really does! 

Thank you Lord!




Poor People

When I saw this photo somewhere, it got my attention. I have a real soft spot in my heart for them. In and out of the hospital for  years now, I can say,  I had learned many valuable lessons and insights  from  different people  we met  along. I was able to see many different facets of life and tend to  observe  who truly help , symphatizes one another in difficult situations.


Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven – Matthew 5:3




We are all walking in same journey in life but only  on different paths taking- can be a road of struggles;  could be pain, confusions, bitterness, fears or even blessings of all sorts; happiness, abundance. Most of us,  when in pain or going through some kind of storm in life, we prefer to be in silence, pretending things are well, we tend to bottle all things inside until we come to the point of breaking and freaking out. One thing I’ve learned in life whenever I share my feelings, whether it’s fear, worries or sadness,  just being real to open up and share what’s going on, I am making a difference, I’m bringing healing to people, I am opening doors  and windows for them   to be able to understand what life really is and they can be able to make  own realizations that could help them on whatever journey they’re taking .. JUST A SHARE 🙂


Image from FB site  Illuminating Souls