Dear Jesus……(Send our love to Raik)


How’s our dear  “brave little soldier” up  there in Heaven?,
an angel, our guardian with a halo and two golden wings,
Laughing, giggling, plays around, I know he’s happy again,
no more pain, he’s with YOU now, heart rejoices, sings.

Countless rainy days, summer passed, nothing’s change,
my star, a precious gem, one could ever blessed with.
That very day I heard his first cry, joy couldn’t be replaced,
beautiful memories; like his first walk, my heart bleeds.

Boy with an extraordinary kindness, goodness in his hand,
with strength, love, hope in heart as he embraced his fate.
His beautiful soul inspires and the broken spirits he mended,
we saw the world through his eyes, pure, real and great.

We miss him so much, if we could only hug him just now,
to wish him today, to see him again blowing a blue cake.
Tell him, we love him deeply, forever we will  make a vow,
far yet so close, love stays, a promise will never break.



We love you so dearly…our dogs; your dogs are wagging their tails to send you their love as well..Keep watching over us.




My Wishes and Dreams



In peace, staring at the milion stars, lies my very heart,
looking for ones that appear the brightest, my wishes.
Putting my soul into, to believe, this plays the big part,
even how long I walk just to cross a thousand bridges.

The shimmering light be my lead, remind me each night,
and an angel to watch, I’m praying not to leave my side.
Touch my hand, lift my faith, let my dream hold me tight,
I will never never give up, God and Heaven be my guide.



**Image Source: http://hd4desktop.com/70743-reach-for-the-stars/




Happy Birthday My Angel…


That special day you came was filled with so much joy,
a beautiful memory of your pure heart and soul.
Sweet angel in disguise with a golden bow and arrow,
radiantly shone forth like a misty rainbow.

I witnessed great kindness and charm,
I thank God  for the chance He gave to be your mom.
Your bravery, strength, smiles loosen the chain,
even your whole  life fastened with battles and pain.

Hearts crushed like flowers withered, scattered,
when Jesus took you to his loving home, I was shattered.
But nothing can control what fate has determined,
our life here on earth has its own beat marches as it will.

Though missing you is so hard, mom will be fine,
I know you’re up in Heaven, you no longer cry,
embracing the gift of Jesus which is an everlasting life.

 I love you so much “Biyaik”


Today  would have been my son’s  seventh birthday,  sadly he didn’t even…he spread his wings too soon…been 4 months now since I last saw his smile…..I was sitting in the dental chair, he came over smiling and whispered, ” Mom, no crying” while placing his palm over my chest, just reminding me not to be scared, I guess, then he kissed me….. I will always remember that baby…always…..guide mommy to be brave and strong as you are…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  biyaik ♥♥♥ mom loves you sooo much, I’ll be taking care of your chobear -your favorite teddy bear and your other stuff. I will meet you in God’s time…mom will come..