Dear Jesus……(Send our love to Raik)


How’s our dear  “brave little soldier” up  there in Heaven?,
an angel, our guardian with a halo and two golden wings,
Laughing, giggling, plays around, I know he’s happy again,
no more pain, he’s with YOU now, heart rejoices, sings.

Countless rainy days, summer passed, nothing’s change,
my star, a precious gem, one could ever blessed with.
That very day I heard his first cry, joy couldn’t be replaced,
beautiful memories; like his first walk, my heart bleeds.

Boy with an extraordinary kindness, goodness in his hand,
with strength, love, hope in heart as he embraced his fate.
His beautiful soul inspires and the broken spirits he mended,
we saw the world through his eyes, pure, real and great.

We miss him so much, if we could only hug him just now,
to wish him today, to see him again blowing a blue cake.
Tell him, we love him deeply, forever we will  make a vow,
far yet so close, love stays, a promise will never break.



We love you so dearly…our dogs; your dogs are wagging their tails to send you their love as well..Keep watching over us.




Simple Things

Looking through the  eyes of  an every child how simple things are, they would really show great appreciation and we all know the sincerity is there. I remember last year, few  days before our little soldier’s  birthday,  same answer each time  I ask him what he wants for his special day , “A blue cake and green balloon,   “Just one he said and an ice cream in cone” (that simple? I thought..) . When the day came and saw the colorful cake  bought and the bundle of balloons.  A very loud   “WOOOWWW”  as he danced joyfully and kissed me.  It was just a cake I thought, not a big kiddie party. 


Let’s remind ourselves to be more appreciative of simple things God showing us everyday;  may sound too sentimental and overly dramatic but really, what I learned most in my everyday are the simple ones which are the true source of a real happiness.. 

Go outside, experiment, have fun,
whatever the weather.
Bundle up if it’s cold ,
put on your shorts if sunny.
Take some time to laugh,
enjoy if you find things funny.
Look around you,
simple things are God’s given gift.
To savor each bite ,
life is short and time is too swift.