It’s Christmas!

Sending you all peace, happiness and LOVE ❤
I will write soon!





The window opens, allowing the breeze to sweep across her face,

it made a fire, her soul lifted up, heart dances as she closed her eyes.

If only she could freeze the time, hold onto this moment, let it stay,

life that says, nothing stands still, everything moves, everything flies.



A Furry Friend..

It’s really amazing what dogs can do to human.


After the loss of our boy, days was not easy. I couldn’t even imagine before, a life without my son, how to start each day without his presence. It was just a bark of a furry little friend that changed it all…a Terrier mix  our “Kimi”. Before Kimi came, I asked my son in prayer if he could give mommy anything, for me to feel his presence. I was walking near my mom’s house, caught her beautiful eyes in a little cage with other puppies, she was different from the rest. 22oie_trim_image My prayer got answered.



I brought her home.  Her first time to travel in a plane. With my heavy heart, she made things easy.  Now, she’s my everyday happiness, my emotional support, even though our little boy isn’t here anymore to cuddle and hug Kimi and how we miss him  each day… I know he’s smiling up there and as an angel to watch her and us everyday.


How you looked deep into my eyes,

you touched this broken heart, soul of mine.

As you wag your tail, sadness flies,

your bark that says, stay strong, you’ll  be fine.


Thank you “God”, our angel “Raik” and “Kimi”



Mr. Happiness


I see you in three words in a phrase,
hear you in a gentle clang of wind chime.

Feel you in the warmth of sunrays,
in our conversation that sweetly rhyme.

When night falls you’re in the silence,
in waves when they collide with the sand.

In the comfort and hug of a best friend,
in light of hope, love that God always send.

Happiness you’re just there, everywhere,
spins, turns, in hearts, if we only look within.



Happiness depends upon our hearts,   on the way it will see things…..            



We will never be able  to fully control  every thing that’s  happening in our lives, however we can be able to choose  emotional response towards it.  Emotions can be conditioned and we  are capable of keeping ourselves from doing  what we feel pulled to do by our emotions,  like in  rough times,  just having the right attitude- by switching on the light of hope from God and use it,  we can still be happy inspite ,  because we know deep inside, there’s  powerful  God  that would take charge and need not to worry.

“Why don’t we ? “