My Inspiration


You were my hands, your good heart was my motivation,
your soul was my pen, it digs out long-buried emotions.

Whatever the weather, I never run out of words to write,
thoughts are flowing out in a quick glance at your smile.

As this fiery love inside of you reaches deep into my core,
I can touch the moon and stars, my heart will start to roar.

Not until the Heaven’s light came down, you needed to go,
no more phrases to rhyme, even a single picture to show.

Time passes, as the sun rises after sunset, night into day,
The mind starts speaking again, my imagination to play.

Finding my way back to try again, to rekindle the passion,
I will just gaze above and think of you….my  inspiration.



The Way



You’re lost and has to face hopeless and difficult situation, drowning with fears, you aren’t sure if you can make it. Will you dive into it with bravery and let faith and trust to guide you?..

God helps and will show the way….



You’re My Shelter

You’re the words that living inside,
spreading my wings to fly, soar high.
You are my escape, my shelter,
you’ve given the dying heart a new life.
Alone in my world, you’re beside,
your beautiful thoughts, keeps me alive.
Even you’re just a shadow from afar,
you ingnite this weary mind with fire.
Your eyes that speaks a thousands,
a soul that’s full of love and emotions.



Just a piece of writing can capture a heart, inspire and motivate. This one  particular blog I often visit to check and read had helped me through the most difficult times in my life. His words are so impressive and full of wisdom. Thank you beautiful soul.