Time to escape, put the reality aside, dig down this revery,

rest my head, lie down locked in an embrace, feel the sensation.

Been moving around for quite a while, letting go of a memory,

I need to find myself again to inscribe thoughts and emotions.

“oh it’s good to be back now renewed, filling up a blank page”



A Candle That Burns


I sit and gaze upon the light from a candle that burns
whispering a prayer, “Can you let my angel hold my hand?”
Scent of his love lingers, his voice echoes in my head,
How painful the seconds, every minute, and days can be,
to walk in an empty road alone full of his memories.
Oh God how much this heart misses him, it’s like a flame,
please send my deepest love, till that day I will see him.



Good Matters


She walked passed right in the middle of a fading crowd,
voices slowly vanishing, faces she barely recognize now.
Their shadows starts to come out, fog wrapping around.
feeling a little fearful, things around starts to get fuzzy.
She traced her footprints digging through old memories,
No longer afraid as she looked back at all her journeys.



One day we’ll just be a memory to some people, do our best to be a good one 🙂




A glimpse


Walking down, a tear shed,
drifted across the crowd
she gazed blankly ahead.
An image, a glimpse of that face
from a memory that burns,
with her heart that beat the same.
An endless cord
tightly knitted to her soul
as chain toughly locked,
she could hardly let go.
Even strong words was given,
and its vivid and clear
the hardest battle fought,
it was unquestionable real.
Kept it inside, shut it off,
she knew she’ll get by
A kind of love that will never die.

.(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~