Chasing My Sun


Walking through that dark hidden valley, no one knows,
there’s a raging battle between heart and mind, it goes.
A nightmare I cannot escape with, my world is bleeding,
stuck inside this heart and it pierced through my being.
Letting it all go, taking a different route, it’s difficult to take.
my hands lifting to you  dear God, heal this heartache



A Flash of Light


In creeping darkness, life is but a passing dream
for the lost ones, we can cast even a tiny light.
to rekindle their lost faith, hopeless it may seem
will enliven their journey, recover hopes in life.



As we grope in darkness, “what do we want most? LIGHT! We want direction and illumination. Darkness reminds us of our oppressive, burdensome need. It feels heavy even though it’s intangible. Only light, which also intangible, pushes the feeling away, it provides relief. A  chat with a close friend, talking about  common topics , food to places to scary things then to a simple thing – a flashlight..“FLASHLIGHT”. If we will relate this in life, the importance of this is not just  simple- In our lives we can be a “flashlight” to anyone, we don’t need to be big to be effective, we just have to be “on” when someone needs a light in dark moment. A flashlight draws power from batteries and we , draw power to God. As a light we dissipate fear , bring relief and lift spirits.Don’t keep the switch off or hold back as though our batteries have run down. Our source is the glorious “Light Invisible”. Being switched on pleases God. 



Twisting fate



Need to pause,
leave some
things behind.
Been running
from day to day,
miles to miles.
Its time now to look
for inner peace ,
to regain strength
from same old
story lines.
How could I ever
leave such place
where I stayed
those difficult days.
How could I
ever forget
words I used
to hear
whenever I got
nothing to say…
Should I make
up my mind?
walk away?
go to path
where it leads back?
My mind says
“Its a good thing”
but my heart says
” Think for a while”.
They say life
still beautiful,
despite of
the bitterness
it bring sometimes.
I know I can
get over soon
by moving forward,
not even a glance
to look back…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~