Feeling’s Back


The glow in your eyes gently soothe the soul,
feeling the warmth of your touch, my heart leaps up,
Your love completes me and you make me whole,
but this is just a memory now hanging tightly wrapped.
Mind’s racing, again,the song plays, pulling me back,
hiding my feeling, the tears of longing as I walk a mile.
Mind speaks while heart grieves, I miss your smile.


Dear Jesus……(Send our love to Raik)


How’s our dear  “brave little soldier” up  there in Heaven?,
an angel, our guardian with a halo and two golden wings,
Laughing, giggling, plays around, I know he’s happy again,
no more pain, he’s with YOU now, heart rejoices, sings.

Countless rainy days, summer passed, nothing’s change,
my star, a precious gem, one could ever blessed with.
That very day I heard his first cry, joy couldn’t be replaced,
beautiful memories; like his first walk, my heart bleeds.

Boy with an extraordinary kindness, goodness in his hand,
with strength, love, hope in heart as he embraced his fate.
His beautiful soul inspires and the broken spirits he mended,
we saw the world through his eyes, pure, real and great.

We miss him so much, if we could only hug him just now,
to wish him today, to see him again blowing a blue cake.
Tell him, we love him deeply, forever we will  make a vow,
far yet so close, love stays, a promise will never break.



We love you so dearly…our dogs; your dogs are wagging their tails to send you their love as well..Keep watching over us.




My Joy

The soothing sound of a rushing water
the swishing wind blows, tiny voices I hear-
watching rivers move from drops of rain,
little souls playing, splashing, laughing,
day’s simple pleasures, I remember you



I was looking out from our terrace when it started raining, I felt a sudden calm within..tears dropped from my eyes, followed by a thought, these phrases. Missing so many things about you….my angel…my joy..


Strangers We Are

I’m  missing some  special people……….friendships that have drifted apart, it’s hard and I gotta say, it  sucks. It may be unrealistic to expect any kind of friendship to stay intact but we can always preserve the respect  and love that  once had. Friends do come and go, it’s “reality”,  we will  be losing some  but along the way we will meet new ones. . Hold on to the people you really care  about and  just be the person you are.


My mind is racing,
the thought of –
once I had you.
I may not know why,
but this I hate
to say, I really do.
As your shadow
dragging me down,
opening the pages
Of once sweet memories
that drifted apart
way back ages.
Now barely
recognize things,
strangers we are
Haven’t you noticed?
I constantly,
watching you from afar
Haven’t you heard?
I’m always whispering
to remind you a thing,
Hear,what is it makes
us stay”? …..
whatever it will bring…

 Nodz ~


Missing Home…

 If I’ll be given a chance to choose where would I like to live again, I want to go back where I was born and raised… I’m missing home actually, missing our house, my parents,  I miss  the silence most of all.


This big city, where I live
Nothing but noise  it gives
Nothing but complete sadness
Something’s always wrong , such a mess.
Missing home..

Don’t have circles of  real friends , just few good one
A feeling of  being abandoned , desolated, definitely no fun
My moments and days twisting me upside down
I don’t know how and where would I hide and run
Missing home..

Things gets gloomier each passing day,
Emptiness creeps , burning memories that stay
One day I will be home , In God I pray
On my retirement day, will no longer say
I’m missing home…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~