Shutting my eyes, sensing the melancholic stillness gripping the place,
I could hear silence and this thought starts racing to nothing.
I am thinking what the Heaven looks like, to feel an angel’s embrace,
let me hear the sound of the golden trumpet and the bells ringing.

As the wind flows through my veins, this sorrow marches out of the way,
there’s a spark of hope, I feel a river moving in my soul, a relief.
His wisdom speaks, a gentle voice that says, be calm, don’t be dismayed.
A rare quiet moment alone, thanking ABOVE, it eases the pain and grief.




Taken from our place *hometown (personally captured) last March it’s a mountain resort, such a beautiful place to visit, so refreshing, I sat there for hours and just savored the moment alone…





Taking me to an adventure at this early  hour from  my four walled bedroom to a distant place, an enjoyable refreshing break  before starting my Sunday, watching “Pitchin’ In”,  an episode in Asian Food Channel hosted by Lynn Crawford a big city chef from New York’s Four Seasons Hotel, wherein she’s taking  daredevil adventures and whirlwind experience out of her comfort zone. She visited an olive farm in California and  a local monastery where wine is produced.  NATURE: God’s glorious gift to man. 



You’re the gentle breeze that sways
tree branches and rustling leaves.
You’re the falling rain that showers
mountains, land and deep blue seas.
Show me these things, I’ll treasure it
Take me to these places, I’ll embrace it
Your amazing gifts, I’ll forever keep.