My Promise

You are the brightest light of any candle
the tiny glow illuminates my lost soul.
My heart succumbs, this mind submits,
oh dear angel, my strength, my peace
One day I’ll walk beside through your light,
with you in paradise, we’ll gonna meet.




Missing an angel……



The Promise

I dreamt of you last night, we were together,
watching  fireflies, chasing them around.
You’re laughing, your eyes were so tender,
you told me something, I wrote it down.

Stay close and wrap me with that promise,
hide inside my silent heart, don’t leave.
Speak through the breeze, hear me please,
this soul aches, your love I ever need.




Thinking ,Hoping , Asking


Over the horizon, I can see memories…

A coffee aroma in a morning hush
A splash of waves that gently rush
Tinkle of a chime in a cool wind
Thinking for better day….

Over the horizon I can see dreams….

A moment of bliss that never end
A big promise not to break, a great miracle to happen
Light days ahead and road to pass without a bend
Hoping for this day..

Over the horizon I can see wishes

A fairytale like stories to keep
No sadness and loneliness to weep
Just an endless joy and peace
Asking for the day..

Over the horizon I can see myself

Thinking over my memories to relive
Hoping for my dream to live
Asking for a wish to believe..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~