The window opens, allowing the breeze to sweep across her face,

it made a fire, her soul lifted up, heart dances as she closed her eyes.

If only she could freeze the time, hold onto this moment, let it stay,

life that says, nothing stands still, everything moves, everything flies.





As I watch you from a distance, my heart sinks,
I can’t touch your hand, in this heart love speaks.
It echoes, runs through my vein, my soul cries,
in sadness you sneak, the part of my world dies.



Broken melody…



An old broken piano lying wasted,
neglected for years, set aside.
Sound and melody were deflected,
all its deep emotions had died.

Looking at my reflection in a puddle,
heart unheeded, torn to pieces.
That’s when you left, world shattered,
sun vanished, everything freezes.

Love stay, I won’t hide and run away,
I’ll let you go instead even it’s tough.
life goes on, I’ll move one step each day,
the memories left are all but enough.



There will be days


There will be days, all of a sudden, darkness will surround,
in midst of confusions, in silence we’ll be drowned.
Lights partially gone, we’ll be covered by fears and doubts,
mind is plagued by  questions, trying to figure it out.
All the while, scar of anguish you have thought once drifted
haunt again, continues to prey, senses will be twisted.
We’ll be caught, forever be trapped, in a mud of emptiness,
till we choose to stay, be contented in arms of loneliness.
All the while, a shadow of  deep despair we have once fought
Will smash us into finer bits, pieces we’ll  never thought.
Hold on, don’t lose your grip, things will change, season flip.



Dark Valley


Passing through a very deep dark valley,
walking barefoot along lonely alley.
No lights, everything drenched in rain,
grieving heart screams in real pain.
Lost, seems there’s no God to look upon,
no arms to hold, lie awake till dawn.
Can’t quite  figure out why it’s happening
minds keep wandering, doubts aching.
No exact words to describe what’s inside
eyes will tell, they all need God’s light.


My heart still aches for what happened…..



“The Music”

One of my favorite music ♥, while listening , thoughts came up……



In deep silence,
you blandly speak
In extreme sadness,
you calmly creep.
You may be that far,
out of my sight
Seems you holding,
me really tight
Rhythm touches,
my very soul.
Echoes deep down,
each time I call.
Your whisper -lingers,
it eases the pain.
Shelter me from rain,
brought me to a place
I’ve never been.
As THE MUSIC plays,
just closing my eyes
things get better,
my grieving heart
as it outcries….


 Nodz ~