Along Our Way

One message God’s want to convey,
our faith and trust we must take.
Life’s road’s may be steep and rough,
just follow His trail and be tough.
There’ll be tears and pain along the way
he will cover us through these rain.
His invisible hands to lead and guide,
in our trip ahead, He’ll stay beside.



God Changes..

Trying to hold  the sand,  it just slipped through my  hand,
capturing  rainbow’s beauty,  but it disappeared so instantly.
Some things don’t always work out the way we want or plan,
it’s always God alone  has the final say, He handles differently.
We may succumb to thoughts of sadness,  bitterness or anger
think of a season, it changes,  continue relying on His power.



There will be a day.

In our lives full of misery, pain and suffering, a God’s promise

God teach our hearts not to worry of anything….

God teach our hearts not to fear of something…

God teach our hearts not to give up rather continue trusting…..

God teach our hearts to be hopeful of things beyond our understanding…..

Lastly teach our hearts to hold on to you firmly no matter what life brings….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~