Coloring Silence


Looking above that star seems endless

Too distant to reach, too close on it
Just listening to that sweet hymns
Singing the same theme
Beyond voices, it could tell
Deep within that brings………….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Just a Star

edit girl

I touched the wind but  felt nothing

I looked over the horizon but couldn’t see anything

I tried to reach that star but too distant

Even wanted  to hold  but  too faraway

Why can’t I even take a glance and walk to that way

Whisper the words so  loudly, to say….

But I know you wouldn’t still look my way

What more to say…..



Winds blowing, leaves falling

Rain dripping, a song fading

My story once living , memories drifting


Time fleeting, things keep moving

Each day, in a second, phase changing

Season switching, bits and pieces leaving

I may  not hear the same music to  feel the same rhythm

Wanna thank God above……

I may not see the same sky with  same bird flying high

Wanna thank God above …..

I may not see the same star at night that lights up so bright

Wanna thank God  above …..

I may not find the reason from these all to know it’s purpose behind

I’m thanking  God above……

Memories in here.. to relive

The  good ol’ days

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~