Your every heartbeat that speaks deep Love,
etched  with benevolence and real strength.
Incomparable, blessed, true gift from above,
patience is endless, to measure the length.


In celebration of International Women’s day, this is to recognize all women as pillars of strength for their families, communities and country. May God bless each of one of us, as we continue to serve as the “light.”


Thank you ❤️

I thank the Heaven for this very special day,
truly my gift, the day I was given air to breathe.
Fresh chapter, my new journey starts today,
more faith, hope, strength lifted from beneath.
A prayer and my deep wish I softly whisper,
thank you so much dear God for another year❤️



Blowing kisses to my Angel in Heaven, wish he’s here…..


My fear, My Strength



In my thoughts,

there’s a thunder.

Lightning flashes,

in my dark sky.

Fears and strength

I’m hiding under.

Tough as a tree,

but when alone, I die

My precious one,

I can’t live without

Your little tear,

weakens this heart.

A smile that vanishes

all pain and doubt.

Your presence,

real strength from Above.


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