Time to escape, put the reality aside, dig down this revery,

rest my head, lie down locked in an embrace, feel the sensation.

Been moving around for quite a while, letting go of a memory,

I need to find myself again to inscribe thoughts and emotions.

“oh it’s good to be back now renewed, filling up a blank page”





The window opens, allowing the breeze to sweep across her face,

it made a fire, her soul lifted up, heart dances as she closed her eyes.

If only she could freeze the time, hold onto this moment, let it stay,

life that says, nothing stands still, everything moves, everything flies.



A Promise


Living under the  same blue  sky
but walks in separate road and time.
Watching the same  stars at night,
stands differently in route of light.
You may have a wide horizon lane,
My prayer, the beauty will remain.
I may not know when you’re in pain,
My prayer, strength in each  rain.
I may not feel your worries and fear,
My prayer, comfort in  every tear.
Friendships bound by time and space,
In each heart, there’s always a place.



God’s Hand to Paint


As life ‘s wave
begin to roar,
tumbles over the shore.

As dark sky glitters
when night
gently falls.

This heavy heart
will rest upon ,
In midst of storm

God continues
to paint
eternal goodness.

His greatness
to warmth
life’s coldness.

In God’s time,
His mercy
will unfold.

Patiently waiting
and trusting
Tells a story

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Like most people today. I lead an active life. Often I feel like  a one -woman-juggling act. Sometimes it get’s out of control-or rather, I get out of control. Recently, I found myself waking up in the morning, dreading to face the new day and my seemingly endless duties. My prayer time was sometimes suffering  *sorry Lord 😦  overwhelmed with pressures. Yet, I kept taking on more and more….


Get on, sun is up,
Gotta start moving
A toast and coffee’s in desk,
I’m now start thinking
A hidden voice saying,
“Slow down , just take your time”
Still, this clock loudly screaming

Time is up!, sun’s down
I must be home by now
To our door, feet leading me
To the fridge ,”let me see”
Kids asking what’s for dinner?
Giving them a wink, ” wait then”
Just slowly count one to ten

Alone now , my prayer time
Now I understand
My purpose , things I need to see
Family and friends are enough to be
A better person, a good mother
Life is beautiful, one way or another
To be happy not to grumble.. rather

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


My Childhood Sweetheart

Woke up smiling this morning , had this really  strange, beautiful dream ….


Walking down the city crowd
In a different time with a familiar stare and voice
Reminiscing our childhood days ,
We were paired by our parent’s choice.
Giggling , teasing laughing and playing around ,
Those days so endless.
A treasure to remember, really fun to look back,
Moments truly priceless.
Back to that dream, you held my hand ,
Like a fortune teller telling me things
You said , can we have more time ,
I’ll invite you sometime, my heart swings
Hahaha What a dream !,
As I see both of us now in a different world apart
But I will never forget that once upon a time I had you ,
My childhood sweetheart.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~




Sitting in front of a mirror,

I can see a reflection

 a shadow of what’s outside.

What if they would figure out

what’s hidden

what’s keeping inside.

They may think ,

it’s a lie,

could be real,

may be something,

could be nothing.

If I could

let this hidden go,

forget, escape from ,

 just let it slip away.

I may be able to know,

where will I be going,

what I may

not to do and say.

Hopeful of things

beyond my imagination.

Be brave and strong

what lies within.

My wishes

may not come true,

dreams may far

but then

At least I know

what would I expect

in between


Old Pals



Floatin’ rainbow how brightens the sky
With dole of doves flying around so high
Couldn’t help but notice
How fast time goes by
Memoirs of old clock
Vanished its sparkling shine
Touching sunrise while savoring
The old sweet taste of wine
Old pals are there to remember
People to cherish forever…….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Winds blowing, leaves falling

Rain dripping, a song fading

My story once living , memories drifting


Time fleeting, things keep moving

Each day, in a second, phase changing

Season switching, bits and pieces leaving

I may  not hear the same music to  feel the same rhythm

Wanna thank God above……

I may not see the same sky with  same bird flying high

Wanna thank God above …..

I may not see the same star at night that lights up so bright

Wanna thank God  above …..

I may not find the reason from these all to know it’s purpose behind

I’m thanking  God above……

Memories in here.. to relive

The  good ol’ days

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~