Heaven’s Bell


On my way home rushing, I heard  a soft cling-clang
With a beautiful voice, it echoes as He sang.
Each word rhymes with hope, blended with firm faith,
a golden kind of light had surrounded, I was bathe.
I halted, savored it for a while, Your wisdom had spoken
It freed me, renewed this heart that just got broken.


It was 5 am, I was on my way home from hospital so exhausted , a sound of a  church bell I heard somewhere had given me this different kind of feeling of hope and strength,  I know it was Him speaking to me….



There’s No Place Like Home…

”There Is No Place Like Home” to remind you that no matter how far you go in life, you’ll always be welcomed, soothed, and comfortable in that little corner of the world you call home.  ~Dorthy in the wizard of oz

 Straight from my heart and thoughts, few of my favorite places back home I used to stay whenever I need silence simply to relax or meditate…….

Missing these places!


– The Holy Spirit Adoration Convent –


The Shrine Hills


It’s Rich Floras and Faunas


A View of the blue water


The place itself is surrounded by lush greenery of tall trees and manicured grass and a favorite playground for kids or to sit around..


The Pearl Farm Beach Resort


The Paradise Island Beach Resort


~Nodz *Thinking of home today!

peace, silence and serenity you would feel when you are there – See more at: http://www.chartherct.com/2007/12/29/holy-spirit-adoration-convent-aka-pink-sisters/#sthash.2fgwi7Cj.dpuf
the peace, silence and serenity you would feel when you are there – See more at: http://www.chartherct.com/2007/12/29/holy-spirit-adoration-convent-aka-pink-sisters/#sthash.2fgwi7Cj.dpuf
the peace, silence and serenity you would feel when you are there – See more at: http://www.chartherct.com/2007/12/29/holy-spirit-adoration-convent-aka-pink-sisters/#sthash.2fgwi7Cj.dpuf

We All Gonna Find…Soon..

Setting our goals to achieve our dreams and desires is like lifting our one foot forward to reach our destination. We must unbarred ourselves for an access through a desolate space and just keep going… 

Good things come to those who wait!


<Photo by Wisdom Quotes in Facebook>

Give me Your Eyes, so I’ll be able to see
Give me Your Hands  so I’ll be able to reach
Give me Your Heart, so I’ll be able to feel
Give me Your Light and be the guide.



Ride of Life…


I took a ride on a train leading to different places,
to a lonely town, never seen such unhappy faces.
As I entered a small poor village, I really wondered,
people are still happy, despite living in a hunger.
Upon reaching  a busy suburban area, I felt so sorry
all wrapped with time, life’s full of anxiety, worry.
I had to detour, go the other side, I was simply amazed,
The harmony, the kindness among , as I gazed.
If we  stop once in a while, look around life, we learn,
we take good with the bad,  smile with the sad .
And remember what we had….



That’s the way it is! ♫♫

For my friends here!  26

♫♫ When you want it the most there’s no easy way out
When you’re ready to go and your heart’s left in doubt
Don’t give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that’s the way it is ♫♫

Also from the bottom of my heart I just wanna thank

Feel so blessed and honor 🙂  for this nomination

Blog of the Year 2013 Award.



There will be days


There will be days, all of a sudden, darkness will surround,
in midst of confusions, in silence we’ll be drowned.
Lights partially gone, we’ll be covered by fears and doubts,
mind is plagued by  questions, trying to figure it out.
All the while, scar of anguish you have thought once drifted
haunt again, continues to prey, senses will be twisted.
We’ll be caught, forever be trapped, in a mud of emptiness,
till we choose to stay, be contented in arms of loneliness.
All the while, a shadow of  deep despair we have once fought
Will smash us into finer bits, pieces we’ll  never thought.
Hold on, don’t lose your grip, things will change, season flip.



Waiting For Superman

The first time I heard this song I felt it described real life situations. Whenever we tripped, fell to the ground, got hurt, we always wish there is somebody, someone who will pick us up, save and just carry us all through, till we feel better. Just like “Superman” in movies, in times of  trouble, he’ll just sweeps in, gathers you up in his arms and will say “It’s OK: I’ve got you. I have my own Superman to share but better than this Superman one always wish- He’s a whisper away, He keeps his eyes fixed on me and no matter what, I’m rest assured He will never leave, even in a second and I’m thanking “Him“- My Dear Jesus. During my sick days, He watched over me and at the same time He comforted my lil soldier while in the hospital. It was so difficult, not being around with my little one on his toughest moment. My Superman can be able to do lot of things at the same time and I need not to worry.



Dark Valley


Passing through a very deep dark valley,
walking barefoot along lonely alley.
No lights, everything drenched in rain,
grieving heart screams in real pain.
Lost, seems there’s no God to look upon,
no arms to hold, lie awake till dawn.
Can’t quite  figure out why it’s happening
minds keep wandering, doubts aching.
No exact words to describe what’s inside
eyes will tell, they all need God’s light.


My heart still aches for what happened…..



Without You

So many things rob us of peace-conflict, uncertainty, busyness, worry, fear, tragedy. How can we have peace amid so much turmoil?

God, we want to have the quiet, unshakable peace that comes from placing our trust fully in you, the same peace that allowed us to go to the cross on our behalf. Help us to rest in the knowledge that our treasure is truly in Heaven. Praying for my fellow men who had been affected by the recent tragedy. May you give them strength and faith to move on. They may find peace in you by trusting in your power and greatness , and those who lost their lives,  may  their souls rest in peace.  Amen



Living Mission


Can’t stand to look around the hated place,
loud ,strange voices floating ,echoing on air.
Flooded tears, sadness wrapped in darkness,
all stuck in room, everything seems hopeless.
There’s this tiny voice I heard  somewhere,
saying, spread your faith, trust they must take
In God there’s strength, healing in heartbreak


This time our  hospital stay was different, we’re able to share God’s goodness, miraculous ways and strength to a family we met and our little soldier was being used by God to cheer up their 2 year old boy with a serious illness, I thank God, He had given us a real angel , though he’s struggling too, but his amazing bravery inspires.



Little Boy’s Eyes

I’ve never been this affected by the innocence of a 2 year old  boy’s eyes named Carl, staring so helplessly,  facing  serious illness. I met him in the hospital. My prayer for the whole family and healing for this little boy.



Words in your heart you can’t utter,
the pain deep inside you can’t show.
The tiny weak hands and feeble knees,
sad eyes begging for a chance to live.
How could fate so cruel and unkind,
I pray for God’s healing, you will find



The Fairest Flower

<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Genuine humility isn’t something we can announce  very easily. To claim this virtue is, as a rule , to forfeit it. Humility is the fairest and rarest  flower that blooms. Put it on display and instantly it wilts and loses its fragrance!…No, humility is not something to be announced. It simply belongs in one’s life, in the private journal of one’s walk with God.

There are two simple and quick ways God says the true condition of the heart is revealed. The first is through eyes and the second is through the mouth ( Luke 6:45)…keen counselors and wise people are careful to listen words ( what is said as well as what isn’t said) and watch the eyes of others. You soon discover that the heart is like a well and the eyes and tongue are like buckets that draw water from the same well. If true humility is not in the heart, the eyes will show it.

~Charles Swindoll



Dear God,

Please show us what it means to be humble.
Then, we’ll be able to find the delicate balance
between recognizing our sinful flaws,
and knowing how much you value us.
True humility involves seeing ourselves,
as you see us, no better or worse in your sight
than anyone else but one who’s worth dying for.
No wonder true humility is the pathway
to discover how to serve you and other people.