Two Hearts


Photo Credit: http://flickr.com/photos/liz-grace

Two lovers dancing

Soul and heart reuniting

Me and you in dreams


Feels good to be back” 😊❤️📝  Hi everyone!



I Won’t Give Up



The road is steep, rough and the way is too dark,

wind is fiercely blowing  while silence is screaming.

This tired aching feet is telling; “you need to stop”

but my heart and mind whispering a different thing.

I must find the light, that searing light I once had,

love that awakened my soul, ignited my whole being.




Your Journey…My Words….


Do feel and listen to what it really says,
a loud thumping sound of a horse’s hoof.
Continous, running, a story that plays,
a fast beat, till it screams to wall and roof.

Whisper it to Heaven, tell all your fears,
It shed the rays of grace, breathe, be still.
It will embrace you, wipe all your tears.
God’s comfort, His hands you would feel.

Soul will be lifted, new song will be sung,
you will hear angel’s hum inside your heart.
Don’t give up, hear it from my own tongue,
been there, just stay, wait and never depart.



Was Alone..


Looking back down her memory lane, it was all fine,
a life being surrounded by people and smiles.
Everyone she knew was there, moon and sea rhyme,
blowing their kisses, walking with her in miles.

A fierce storm came up and her boat slowly sinking,
grasping for help, praying she could feel a hand.
But she was alone, not even a single rope…nothing,
still ..she swam out with faith reaching the sand.



Love Will Lead

Whenever we close our eyes, our story begins,
we can run miles to miles, use our wings,
will travel far, into time, places we never been,
we no longer feel the part of us that cries,
breaking the chain of seeing the hurt and lies,
no young, no old, no war, no more grieving.
no more fighting, only peace and love is leading,
putting anguish aside, throwing away hate.
Watching this world, I want to drown my sorrow,
any chance to change this man-made fate?




My heart breaks whenever I watch the world in CNN, sometimes I rather just close my eyes and think the other way around. If only I could do something to stop the war, heal deadly diseases, change the world into a better place to live…..am I thinking too weird to carry the burden of this world? …May God bless the earth.




The Ray of Light

New ray of light slowly coming out somewhere,
breathing now the peace, finding my way back.
Such a lonely road, a long journey I traveled,
I don’t want to go back anymore from that track.
The smiles of strangers, I’m starting to notice,
hearing their voices in the air now, its very clear.
I look ahead to all the dreams once I made,
will hold on hope again, I am no longer afraid.




Image by: writing.wikinut.com


The Storm

You’ve blown it with your anger,
wound you inflicted, too deep.
I heard you screaming somewhere,
fiercely dragged us and ripped.
Were you telling us something?
a message, reminding us to think.


I took this vid at home, in veranda during the typhoon, we were  intensely hit  last July 16, 2014. Thank God my family was safe, prayers for those affected. I could relate this in life, whenever we experience storms, the moment it roll in, it give us an important message, to be more prayerful to strengthen our faith and trust to God.


A Furry Friend..

It’s really amazing what dogs can do to human.


After the loss of our boy, days was not easy. I couldn’t even imagine before, a life without my son, how to start each day without his presence. It was just a bark of a furry little friend that changed it all…a Terrier mix  our “Kimi”. Before Kimi came, I asked my son in prayer if he could give mommy anything, for me to feel his presence. I was walking near my mom’s house, caught her beautiful eyes in a little cage with other puppies, she was different from the rest. 22oie_trim_image My prayer got answered.



I brought her home.  Her first time to travel in a plane. With my heavy heart, she made things easy.  Now, she’s my everyday happiness, my emotional support, even though our little boy isn’t here anymore to cuddle and hug Kimi and how we miss him  each day… I know he’s smiling up there and as an angel to watch her and us everyday.


How you looked deep into my eyes,

you touched this broken heart, soul of mine.

As you wag your tail, sadness flies,

your bark that says, stay strong, you’ll  be fine.


Thank you “God”, our angel “Raik” and “Kimi”



Mr. Happiness


I see you in three words in a phrase,
hear you in a gentle clang of wind chime.

Feel you in the warmth of sunrays,
in our conversation that sweetly rhyme.

When night falls you’re in the silence,
in waves when they collide with the sand.

In the comfort and hug of a best friend,
in light of hope, love that God always send.

Happiness you’re just there, everywhere,
spins, turns, in hearts, if we only look within.



Happiness depends upon our hearts,   on the way it will see things…..            


Good Matters


She walked passed right in the middle of a fading crowd,
voices slowly vanishing, faces she barely recognize now.
Their shadows starts to come out, fog wrapping around.
feeling a little fearful, things around starts to get fuzzy.
She traced her footprints digging through old memories,
No longer afraid as she looked back at all her journeys.



One day we’ll just be a memory to some people, do our best to be a good one 🙂




His Story…


There’s darkness living deep into his very soul
a twin shadow lurking, a past untold.
Screaming and burning up from the inside,
an image sneaking up, voice on the side.
Dripping tears onto his pillow, spirit groaning.
he could hardly breathe, heart drowning.
“Where am I heading to..why am I really here?
fate tore him, given him so much fear.
His questions that has never been answered,
buried down on his grave, no longer heard.



I’ ve been reading lately a story whose life is put on line yet lived in faith and hope, really inspiring ….. but thinking the other way around…what if…..



What I learned….


At some point in life we do  wish and think,
we could turn back time from the past.
To change, undo painful moments in a blink,
shifting tears to joy, better ending we simply ask
But life isn’t fairy tale with forest of unicorns,
a swoosh of magical  wand to change it all.
God has good reason, purpose from life’s thorns
this we should remember whenever we fall.



Right Decision


I just want to see what awaits at the end,
pressure pushing me down, life’s teasing me again.
Having this second thought if I will just stay,
to protect myself from rain and winds along the way.
Thinking it over thrice may be a good notion.
Consulting the One Above I guess is the right action.


We need not to rely on ourselves alone  when it comes to big decisions, consulting the best One Above can give the best suggestions.



Ride of Life…


I took a ride on a train leading to different places,
to a lonely town, never seen such unhappy faces.
As I entered a small poor village, I really wondered,
people are still happy, despite living in a hunger.
Upon reaching  a busy suburban area, I felt so sorry
all wrapped with time, life’s full of anxiety, worry.
I had to detour, go the other side, I was simply amazed,
The harmony, the kindness among , as I gazed.
If we  stop once in a while, look around life, we learn,
we take good with the bad,  smile with the sad .
And remember what we had….



New Page


Taking my last glimpse on that cold winter day,
the journey I had, filled with struggles and pain.
Individually we’re  given life we must embrace,
sad road,  lonely highway, some choices to make.
Till such time, this travel ends, leaving  a trace,
time to move on,  let go,  another page to start,
we must take new chances  with all our  hearts.


“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”
―Ann Landers



The Mystery


Just looking above big blue sky,
I can’t help but to wonder,
How things made perfectly even,
mystery which lies beneath.
Rainbow that says -new beginning,
songs soothes sadness and fears.
Breeze cools down heat of summer,
friends inspire us through years…
Walking along this endless journey,
with a prayer in pocket,
Love in heart, hope in our soul,
Life is perfectly blessed.



Blissful Memories


Recalling every life’s spiral stairway
We ran up, down, we slowly go insane
With beautiful  moments in our  hands
footsteps soundly banging as it lands.
In a tick of the clock,  things vanished,
time flies really fast, always in a rush.
Shadows remain, pieces of past years,
keeping, remembering it all with  tears


We all have wonderful memories to always remember as we go through life….



An Empty House


Walking down the street, no place to go,
I noticed an empty old house down below.
I thought of stopping by to check inside
finding out the mystery I could see outside,
A vase half broken, it got me mesmerized
Something beyond, bizarreness that holds,
but distant for me to grasp even how close,
I decided then to just leave, it was an illusion
but deep down inside,  an endless confusion.


Confusions  over certain things in life may always  happen,  confronting it  is important….



The path


Walking down a winding road
carrying my trunk full of load.
I notice a symbol and an arrow,
is this the path leads to mine?
Should I follow this given sign?


In a card game , number of cards are laid out for us to play same as in life  different  choices are given out  by God  for us to choose. Confusions play……




loonapix_13806303452014345726 (1)

Here you go, buzzing, scaring me off again,
like an eerie sound, I can barely explain.
Perfect blue sky turns to shades of gray
Sudden rainstorm , darkness fills my air.
Once more, let me hold Your flaming torch
I cannot  find my trail now,  seems I lost.


To fear, a part of human nature, will creep up on us like a bolt of lightning. Been 2 weeks now, finally home, the hard part was over (surgery of my little soldier). Recalling the feeling I had that moment when we brought him to OR, inside I was dying , couldn’t hold  back my tears, he was screaming and shouting not on fears but  for cheeseburger  :/. God ‘s so good, everything went very well. But I can’t refrain from thinking , the if’s and but’s in the future  ( just human ).. who to call?…..




We are all walking in same journey in life but only  on different paths taking- can be a road of struggles;  could be pain, confusions, bitterness, fears or even blessings of all sorts; happiness, abundance. Most of us,  when in pain or going through some kind of storm in life, we prefer to be in silence, pretending things are well, we tend to bottle all things inside until we come to the point of breaking and freaking out. One thing I’ve learned in life whenever I share my feelings, whether it’s fear, worries or sadness,  just being real to open up and share what’s going on, I am making a difference, I’m bringing healing to people, I am opening doors  and windows for them   to be able to understand what life really is and they can be able to make  own realizations that could help them on whatever journey they’re taking .. JUST A SHARE 🙂


Image from FB site  Illuminating Souls



Battle ahead


Raging huge fire awaits,
for this  soul to face.
Succumbing to fear,
a battle I must take.
A ray of sun just out
between banks of clouds.
Few sprinkles of rain
as heart screams aloud.
God above is a shield,
Nothing to be scared
In whom mercy is endless,
it  cannot be compared.
I must keep moving,
a strength I am praying.


5th surgery of my precious little one….a battle ahead..




Like most people today. I lead an active life. Often I feel like  a one -woman-juggling act. Sometimes it get’s out of control-or rather, I get out of control. Recently, I found myself waking up in the morning, dreading to face the new day and my seemingly endless duties. My prayer time was sometimes suffering  *sorry Lord 😦  overwhelmed with pressures. Yet, I kept taking on more and more….


Get on, sun is up,
Gotta start moving
A toast and coffee’s in desk,
I’m now start thinking
A hidden voice saying,
“Slow down , just take your time”
Still, this clock loudly screaming

Time is up!, sun’s down
I must be home by now
To our door, feet leading me
To the fridge ,”let me see”
Kids asking what’s for dinner?
Giving them a wink, ” wait then”
Just slowly count one to ten

Alone now , my prayer time
Now I understand
My purpose , things I need to see
Family and friends are enough to be
A better person, a good mother
Life is beautiful, one way or another
To be happy not to grumble.. rather

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Four walled room


I hate the thought of going back
To that lonely deserted place,
In that four walled room, will stay.
Same like being stuck in midst of a maze
Miseries besiege , you’ll be dragged
By the unfathomable depths of your fears
Staying in that place, you’ll be drowning
You can never escape from bitterness and tears.
Fate is never fair, we will be caught
In a current much stronger than we thought
Why that be?
We can’t control what goes on around what we want to see.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Where’s the old smile gone..



Used to be with simple things,
Watching the sun breaks and rises into day,
Staring at the moon that glows in its own way..

She never carries the loneliness she never had,
She reached out what’s pure, never thought of being sad,

Simple words and to listen were all she knew,
To be a shadow among the few.

She never imagined a picture fades over years
Or even a path lost in the middle of a maze.

Just a pen, a note, a song and a laugh
Nothing would ever go rough.

She looked over happiness as love within its reach,
She held hope as a dream and a wish.

But never expected the pain as big waves lash the shore,
All she wanted was to be loved, nothing more..

Still lost things at the end, time then was never been a friend
Yet she tried her best to mend, to pick up all the pieces but then

Season change, so as with her,
Tears may soon pass, she believed and from there,

She wanted to be remembered,
Not with the lost smile once she had,
But the old smile she once shared .

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Changes and Choices

Life is full of changes and choices, I guess that can be said of all of our lives. Would it not be good if we could choose a period of our lives that was enjoyable and let time stand still. Changes and choices goes hand in hand, we can never predict things to happen, sometimes a certain circumstance that requires to choose an options, could be an alternative just to come up with a decision due to some unexpected changes.

oie_trim_image (2)


Too many crossroads, which way, what path
No idea what awaits, no clue what’s ahead
Uncertainties and doubts are the words
We dream of something, we even wish it to happen..
We hold on to a certain thing
We do everything
We choose, we love
We give, we lose

Live life well,   all of us  should
Laugh as its last,  all we need
Love with no end, this, we must

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Life is a road …..

I was driving
in rough  dusty road.,
Finding  the way out,
was difficult.
Almost giving up ,
struggling to move forward


where I can slow down
and take the bend.
Caught in between ,
the usual thing
each time
I’m on my way
to the end..
Exhausted , drained,
Anybody guide me..
Which route,
a detour maybe
that leads thee..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


My Childhood Sweetheart

Woke up smiling this morning , had this really  strange, beautiful dream ….


Walking down the city crowd
In a different time with a familiar stare and voice
Reminiscing our childhood days ,
We were paired by our parent’s choice.
Giggling , teasing laughing and playing around ,
Those days so endless.
A treasure to remember, really fun to look back,
Moments truly priceless.
Back to that dream, you held my hand ,
Like a fortune teller telling me things
You said , can we have more time ,
I’ll invite you sometime, my heart swings
Hahaha What a dream !,
As I see both of us now in a different world apart
But I will never forget that once upon a time I had you ,
My childhood sweetheart.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Holding Faith

What it’s like staying in hospital?



Counting hours ,days
sitting by our chairs.
Watching the sun rises,
with hopes inside arises.
Witnessing the sun setting
with fears lurking behind.
Staying in this kind of place
we have no other choice
but to silently pray.
Questioning the heart,
wondering, figuring it all,
an ordinary circumstance
or a destined fate to hold?
I looked around, I listened
to every people’s call.
Each burning emotions
tears surround their wall,
I pray to God for comfort,
strength may He bless,
for us, broken hearted,
we may find light and rest.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~




Sitting in front of a mirror,

I can see a reflection

 a shadow of what’s outside.

What if they would figure out

what’s hidden

what’s keeping inside.

They may think ,

it’s a lie,

could be real,

may be something,

could be nothing.

If I could

let this hidden go,

forget, escape from ,

 just let it slip away.

I may be able to know,

where will I be going,

what I may

not to do and say.

Hopeful of things

beyond my imagination.

Be brave and strong

what lies within.

My wishes

may not come true,

dreams may far

but then

At least I know

what would I expect

in between


Screaming pain

Looking at my little boy now  lying in hospital bed with a  feeding tube through the  nose, all night screaming because he hates it.  Sometimes when we’re in deep emotional pain no exact words would describe, no definite words  , we all just scream. The tears will tell


Your stare tells me so
Tears that really show
Your screaming pain that says “Spare me”
Words that won’t come out for me to see
How deep your pain, all you want is to be free.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~




How long do the sunrise and sunset will set in
As I gazed on it , my heart says something deep within
Recalling the days , looking back from what I’ve been
How many more stars do I need to count
As I glanced up above, relief I found
Memories, rough days that once put me down
How much rainbows do I have to see
As I stared , felt new strength, that ‘s how should be
Felt good vibes that came out naturally.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Thinking ,Hoping , Asking


Over the horizon, I can see memories…

A coffee aroma in a morning hush
A splash of waves that gently rush
Tinkle of a chime in a cool wind
Thinking for better day….

Over the horizon I can see dreams….

A moment of bliss that never end
A big promise not to break, a great miracle to happen
Light days ahead and road to pass without a bend
Hoping for this day..

Over the horizon I can see wishes

A fairytale like stories to keep
No sadness and loneliness to weep
Just an endless joy and peace
Asking for the day..

Over the horizon I can see myself

Thinking over my memories to relive
Hoping for my dream to live
Asking for a wish to believe..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Old Pals



Floatin’ rainbow how brightens the sky
With dole of doves flying around so high
Couldn’t help but notice
How fast time goes by
Memoirs of old clock
Vanished its sparkling shine
Touching sunrise while savoring
The old sweet taste of wine
Old pals are there to remember
People to cherish forever…….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Whatta Sunday


I woke up late, had a bang  inside my head,

It’s  bothering me

A cup of  coffee was  dying to have,

Oh , no more !  so  instead  I took a tea

I need to rush

But couldn’t find my brush.

I left and locked the door

Only to find  didn’t have the key

Now sitting,  need  to think ,

Words to put together but I don’t know ,

Couldn’t think of anything  better

Oh Whatta  day , not a good Sunday

I may say 😦

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Winds blowing, leaves falling

Rain dripping, a song fading

My story once living , memories drifting


Time fleeting, things keep moving

Each day, in a second, phase changing

Season switching, bits and pieces leaving

I may  not hear the same music to  feel the same rhythm

Wanna thank God above……

I may not see the same sky with  same bird flying high

Wanna thank God above …..

I may not see the same star at night that lights up so bright

Wanna thank God  above …..

I may not find the reason from these all to know it’s purpose behind

I’m thanking  God above……

Memories in here.. to relive

The  good ol’ days

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~